What is changing with hire.chronicle.com?

The Chronicle has launched Hire.Chronicle.com, an updated digital jobs platform with new and expanded features to improve the job posting experience. Enjoy a wider selection of our online job posting packages, purchase upgrades mid-job run, and launch job ads with functionality to improve views, applicants, and hires.

The Chronicle has also created and launched a print-only dashboard to buy and manage your print ads. This dashboard is hosted on hire.print.chronicle.com The print dashboard will display up to six months of your job posting history.

How does this impact my account and ability to purchase job postings?

The Chronicle has divided print and digital purchases into separate websites. Digital purchases are now hosted on hire.chronicle.com. Print purchases can be made through hire.print.chronicle.com.

Log In Credential Changes

How will this launch affect my log-in credentials?

Users will now have two separate accounts for print and digital purchasing.

Digital: Your current log-in credentials will be migrated to the new system and merged with our Single Sign-On Enterprise account system. The Single Sign-On account system will allow you to log in to hire.chronicle.com, Jobs.Chronicle.com, and chronicle.com accounts with the same credentials. We strongly recommend that you reset your password prior or after first log-in (Password Reset Link).

Users with open packages will have their employer details migrated over.

Users that do not currently have open packages will need to re-complete the Employer Registration process.

Users who did not have a legacy hire.chronicle.com account will need to create a new account.

Print: User accounts will not be changed. Use your existing legacy credentials from the pre- launch of hire.chronicle.com at hire.print.chronicle.com.

Note: Resetting your digital password will not affect your print credentials (and vice versa).

Common Login Issues?

I attempted to create a new account but was rejected.

If you are unable to create a new account, you may already have a chronicle.com account. If you don’t remember your password, click the ‘forgot password’ link to sync your account credentials.

I attempted to log in using my old credentials but was rejected from the new system.

You may already have a Single Sign On enterprise account with a different password from your old legacy credentials. Please reset your password to sync your accounts.

What if I don’t know my account credentials?

Begin by visiting the hire.chronicle.com website for digital and hire.print.chronicle.com for print and select reset password. If nothing is sent to your email address, the account does not exist. If you continue to have issues please contact us at Jobs@Chronicle.com.

New Users

I am a new user. How do I create a new account?

For digital job postings, visit hire.chronicle.com and click the “create account” link in the upper right-hand corner to create a new account. On the sign-in page, click the “Sign Up” link at near above the email and password fields. Follow the prompts to complete your account.

For print users visit hire.print.chronicle.com and click the “Log In” button. On the Log In pages, select the “Create An Account” button and follow the prompts to complete your account.

Note: If you are a new user on hire.chronicle.com, your new account will also be applicable to chronicle.com.

I am a new user that has a chronicle.com account.

If you are a new user on hire.chronicle.com, but you have a chronicle.com account, use your chronicle.com credentials to create your new account.

If you attempt to create a new hire.chronicle.com account with existing chronicle.com credentials you will receive an error message. If you receive this error message, please try resetting your password with the email address you attempted to use.

Navigating New Changes

Where do I go to purchase a print job ad?

To purchase a print package, log in to your print account at hire.print.chronicle.com or contact your sales representative directly.

Where can I find my historical data?

To see historical postings and packages that have been purchased, log in to your print account at hire.print.chronicle.com.

Note: Historical data will not be migrated to the new digital platform at hire.chronicle.com.

What is ‘principal organization’ versus ‘company name’?

Company name is the name that will show up as the organization on your job ads. ‘Principal organization’ is used by The Chronicle for billing purposes and administrative support. For example: If your company name is Duke University Mathematics Department (company name) your principal organization would be Duke University (principal name).

What if my Principal Organization is not listed?

If you do not see your Principal Organization listed in the dropdown/typeahead please select the “Principal Organization Not Listed” option. A Chronicle representative may reach out to you to confirm your organization if the “Not Listed” option is chosen.

What is Credit Balance?

Your credit balance is the number of postings you have prepaid and can book against.

What is the “Choose a Template” option when building an ad?

Choosing a Template will allow you to select a previously booked ad and populate all fields with information from the previous ad. Any of the information can be edited prior to booking. Templates can be used to expedite booking.

Navigating New Job Board Features

Where do I find my jobs dashboard?

The dashboard can be found by clicking the “Your Jobs” link in the navigation bar.  You must sign in to hire.chronicle.com to see Your Jobs.

Your legacy dashboard can be found on the new print site at hire.print.chronicle.com.

How do I edit my employer information?

When you are signed in to hire.chronicle.com, you will see your company name In the navigation bar, Click your company name to open the Company Management page.

What can I do in the Company Manager page?

  • Write a company summary
    • You can choose to have the first 250 characters of the summary appear on job search results pages.
  • Upload a company logo
    • The logo will show up in your employer profile and can be defaulted to appear on all job ads.
  • Edit general employer information such as employer type and billing address

I can’t find the answer to my question. Who can I contact?

For all questions, please contact us at Jobs@Chronicle.com or 202-466-1050.